Take two

So I just changed the name of this blog. I know, I know: only two days into its short life, and already I feel the need to start over! I think I may actually have kind of an issue with naming things… When I adopted my dog 10 years ago, I was so excited to be able to pick out a great name for her; but I kept forgetting what I had chosen and could never remember what to call her, so then reverted back to the name she came with. (“You know, Ellie isn’t such a bad name,” my mother said to me… And she was right, of course, as my sweet Border Collie is much more an Ellie than a Caeli or Kylie or whatever I thought sounded cool at the time.) Thank goodness my husband picked out our daughter’s name — that would have been a big one for me to goof on.

Anyway, what was only yesterday “My Favorite Things” shall now be known as “It’s a Good Thing,” because it occurred to me that I am at a very much more Martha Stewart stage of my life than a Sound of Music one. What exactly that means, I’ll leave up to you to figure out. And of course, be sure to come back soon, because tomorrow is another day, and who knows what name we might have moved onto by that point.


January 24, 2011. meta.

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