Sunday afternoons

Ahh. This is one of the the few times (actually, probably THE ONLY time) during the week that I get to be alone in my own home. AND I LOVE IT! My husband is at the gym, my daughter is at her grandmother’s, and I get to be by myself. Yesssssss.

And so today: I get home from church and what do I find awaiting me in our empty house (except for the dog)? A Runaway Bride/You’ve Got Mail double header. Score! Only thing that could top that combo would be bookending it with Sleepless in Seattle at the front end and When Harry Met Sally at the back end — and that might be too much, even for me. Generally, I’m not that much of a movie person — seriously, I think the last one I saw in a theatre was The Dark Knight (OMG Christian Bale!) — but there are some that I do just love to have on, anytime. And TBS never fails to deliver. :)

So, for this first entry in my collection of favorite things, a big shout out to perennially wonderful sappy chick flicks during Mommy’s time off. Now excuse me while I revel in being able to watch what I want on TV.


January 23, 2011. movies.

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